First WIN Symposium hosted in Abu Dhabi attracts global Oncology leaders

Abu Dhabi is currently hosting the WIN Symposium 2024, a leading event in precision oncology that marks a collaboration between the Worldwide Innovative Network (WIN) Consortium and Burjeel Holdings. The two-day congress has gathered over 500 physicians, researchers, and scientists from 30 countries to discuss the latest developments in precision oncology with the goal of enhancing cancer patient care globally.

Themed “Precision and Molecular Oncology: Caring for Patients and Future Generations”, the symposium began with a keynote address by 2018 Nobel Laureate, Prof. James Allison, known for his groundbreaking work in cancer immunotherapy. Prof. Allison shared the latest research on immunotherapy and highlighted ways to improve treatment effectiveness and safety for cancer patients.

During the event, Prof. Allison expressed his enthusiasm for the progress being made in the UAE in fields such as precision oncology, genomic medicine, and immunotherapy. The WIN Consortium, a non-profit organization based in France, aims to launch cancer trials using omic platforms to advance precision oncology globally. Burjeel Medical City, part of Burjeel Holdings, is the only member from the UAE and GCC region in the Consortium.

Abu Dhabi was chosen to host the WIN Symposium this year, which is a shift from its usual European location. This decision reflects the international scientific community’s confidence in the UAE’s capabilities and vision for advancing precision oncology. The event highlights the progress and collaboration happening in the UAE in the field of cancer treatment and patient care.

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