‘TMC and S4 Digital Form Partnership to Speed Up Digital Transformation in Businesses’

TMC and S4 Digital, two industry leaders in the digital transformation realm, have joined forces in a groundbreaking alliance to revolutionize enterprise landscapes. The strategic partnership, announced in Dubai last week, aims to accelerate digital transformation at an unprecedented pace.

By combining the expertise of TMC in SAP solutions with S4 Digital’s proficiency in Mendix low-code technology, this collaboration offers enterprises a seamless and rapid transition pathway for upgrading from SAP ECC to S/4HANA or expanding their application repertoire. The focus is on ensuring a clean core while enhancing efficiency and innovation in client operations.

Abdul Haseeb, CEO of TMC, is confident that this synergy will bring unmatched benefits to clients by leveraging the strengths of both companies. Similarly, S4 Digital’s CEO, Roger Kool, emphasizes the commitment of the partnership to redefine digital transformation with an extensive team of experienced experts. The goal is to enable enterprises to scale their digital initiatives effectively with a foundation of reliability and financial clarity.

This partnership is rooted in a shared vision to streamline digital initiatives by merging SAP solutions with low-code mastery. The collaboration aims to provide clients across various sectors with agility, user-centric design, and operational efficiency throughout their digitalization journey.

As a member of the Bravantic group and a key player in the consulting industry, S4 Digital brings a wealth of experience in smart sourcing, enterprise software solutions, and program management to the table. Meanwhile, TMC, known for its business intelligence and system integration expertise, boasts a global presence and a reputation as a frontrunner in the digital transformation domain.

For more information on this strategic partnership, visit S4 Digital at s4-digital.com and TMC at tmcltd.com.

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