‘A fresh start’: Boxing gym with worldwide presence moves to Niles

Boxing House International, a boxing gym owned by Golden Glove-winning boxers Clare Morris Ramirez and Dayan Ramirez, has officially relocated to Niles. The gym can now be found at the LevelUp Athletics sports complex on Terminal Rd. The move was made to provide a new opportunity for the gym to expand its reach and offer a variety of boxing classes for individuals of all ages and skill levels.

The gym’s owners expressed their excitement about moving to Niles and highlighted the positive impact boxing can have on the community. Clare emphasized the stable and supportive environment that boxing creates, attracting passionate individuals from all over the world. With a bilingual gym that supports the Latino community, the Ramirezes are determined to grow their program and attract competitive athletes to the area.

Gary Marshall, owner of LevelUp Athletics, also voiced his enthusiasm for the partnership with Boxing House International. He believes that the addition of boxing classes for both kids and parents will enhance the offerings at the sports complex. The collaborative effort between the two entities aims to create a thriving environment for athletes of all levels.

Despite the success and sense of community built in St. Joseph, the Ramirezes see the move to Niles as a strategic decision to further develop their gym. They are optimistic about the energy and opportunities that Niles presents for their program and are looking forward to the growth potential in the new location.

For more information on classes offered by Boxing House International, interested individuals can follow LevelUp Athletics on Facebook.

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