Collaboration on Joint Platform Enhances Creativity and Innovation in UAE

Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat) has partnered with the “UAE Innovates” initiative to foster a culture of innovation and creativity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The collaboration aims to provide a supportive environment for innovators and exchange ideas to accelerate progress and positive change in society.

As part of this partnership, strategic workshops were organized to facilitate the sharing of experiences and innovative solutions, paving the way for building partnerships that contribute to the overall goal of enhancing innovation in the region. This aligns with the UAE Innovation Month, a national initiative launched by the Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Government Innovation, which aims to position the country as a global innovation hub.

Sultan Al Ghafli, the Executive Director of Strategy and Business Development at Emarat, emphasized the importance of innovation in the company’s growth strategy. He highlighted how innovation plays a vital role in sustainable development and achieving the UAE’s aspirations to excel on the global stage.

Emarat is dedicated to embedding a culture of innovation in all its services and facilities, further solidifying its position as a leading provider of oil and gas products and services in the region. The company looks forward to supporting innovators in transforming their projects into new business models to contribute to the country’s development efforts.

The “UAE Innovates” events have evolved over the years into the largest celebration of innovation in the country, showcasing innovative projects and experiences that have had a positive impact on society. Through various activities such as competitions, hackathons, and exhibitions, the events aim to promote innovation culture in both the public and private sectors, positioning the UAE as a global innovation hub.

Emarat’s collaboration with “UAE Innovates” underscores its commitment to fostering creativity and innovation in the region, aiming to drive progress and development for the benefit of society as a whole. With a focus on building partnerships and supporting innovators, the partnership seeks to enhance the UAE’s position as a leader in innovation and a hub for transformative projects that enhance community life.

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