Curating the Perfect Ramadan at Home: Tips for UAE’s OOH Spaces

PAN Home, the leading home furniture brand in the MENA region, is making waves with its latest outdoor campaign in Dubai. Following the success of its End-of-Year Sale campaign, PAN Home is now showcasing its exquisite home furniture on billboards across the United Arab Emirates.

The new campaign elegantly captures the essence of Ramadan with PAN Home’s curated collection of furniture. From elegant lighting to stylish furniture pieces, the campaign aims to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for Ramadan gatherings. The white billboards exude a serene ambiance, portraying the joy of family and friends coming together for Iftar during the Holy month.

The PAN Home campaign has left a lasting impact on the UAE’s out-of-home advertising landscape, with digital screens and hoarding billboards showcasing the brand’s offerings. The campaign cleverly incorporates a spiritual touch to captivate passersby and redefine the way audiences perceive home decor during Ramadan.

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Don’t miss out on experiencing PAN Home’s stunning collection of home furniture this Ramadan. Visit their showrooms or website to discover how you can make this Ramadan special with their exceptional range of products.

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