Sailing Expands Internationally with New Warehouses in Dubai and Saudi Arabia

Get your hands on top quality thermal paper and labels with our range of products. Our BPA-free thermal paper rolls come in a convenient size of 80 x 70mm, with 50 rolls in each carton. For labeling needs, we offer thermal labels in various sizes such as 38 x 28mm, 40 x 22mm, 50 x 25mm, 60 x 40mm, and 100 x 50mm. Each carton contains 2000pcs of labels, making it easy to stock up and stay organized. Additionally, we have price labels in a size of 26x16mm with 1000pcs per pack, and A4 labels in a box of 100 sheets. Choose the right products for your business and enjoy hassle-free labeling solutions.

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