‘Radisson RED Dubai Silicon Oasis Implements Community Bookshelf Based on Trust Created by Local Bookstore’

Bookends, a bookstore and marketplace for pre-loved books in Dubai, has set up a community bookshelf at Radisson Red, Dubai Digital Park, Silicon Oasis. The shelf is unmanned, allowing people to pick out books and pay for them on an honor system. Grace Karim and Somia Anwar, the owners of Bookends, believe that this promotes sustainability and trust in the community.

The bookshelf at Radisson Red features a rotating selection of about 1000 books across various genres for all age groups. Stuart Birkwood, Curator at Radisson RED Dubai Silicon Oasis, praises the partnership with Bookends and the positive response from guests who enjoy browsing the shared books.

To participate, visitors can pick out a book from the shelf, check the price listed on the back, leave the exact change in the provided cash box, and enjoy reading. This initiative aims to spread the love of reading and create a sense of community within the Silicon Oasis neighborhood. Bookends’ physical store is conveniently located nearby for those looking to explore more literary offerings.

This unique collaboration between Bookends and Radisson Red demonstrates Dubai’s commitment to fostering trust and sustainability through innovative community initiatives.

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