Presidents of UAE and Turkey talk about current events in the region

During an extraordinary session of the Islamic Conference of Information Ministers (ICIM) convened by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul, Turkey, the UAE emphasized the importance of increasing global cooperation to address the humanitarian crisis facing the Palestinian people and to secure an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

The UAE highlighted the urgent need for collective action to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians and called for a swift end to the violence that has ravaged the region. The country stressed the importance of solidarity and unity among Islamic nations in order to effectively address the crisis and bring about peace in the region.

This call for intensified international efforts to end the humanitarian crisis in Palestine and secure a ceasefire in Gaza comes at a critical time, as the violence in the region continues to escalate. The UAE’s participation in the ICIM session underscores its commitment to supporting peace and stability in the Middle East and its dedication to finding a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict.

The United Arab Emirates’ stance on the issue reflects the broader international consensus that a swift resolution to the crisis is essential to prevent further loss of life and alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians. By urging increased cooperation and collective action, the UAE is playing a crucial role in promoting peace and stability in the region.

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