Malaysia Earns Top Spot on 5G Consistency Score

Malaysia has made waves in the global 5G arena by clinching the top spot in the 5G consistency score, proving the success of its network-building approach. Ookla president and CEO, Stephen Bye, commended Malaysia for achieving this feat during a ceremony at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024.

In a statement, Bye highlighted the challenges of creating a consistent network, emphasizing the difficulty of achieving a seamless performance across a wide geography, especially in a country like Malaysia with its unique building challenges. He acknowledged the impressive achievement of Malaysia in attaining a 97.27 percent 5G Consistency Score for Q4 2023, surpassing other countries that have commercially launched 5G like North Macedonia and the United Arab Emirates.

The award for Best Global Consistency Score is a rare honor, according to Bye, who commended Malaysia’s partnership with Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) and the supportive regulatory environment for facilitating this success. He noted that Malaysia’s approach to 5G deployment could serve as a model for other nations looking to adopt advanced technology.

Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil also expressed his pride in Malaysia’s achievement and discussed plans for deeper cooperation with Ookla to enhance service quality and user experience. He emphasized the importance of addressing challenges with 5G internet in Malaysia, particularly in ensuring reliable connectivity in buildings, which will be a key focus for the ministry moving forward.

The accolade received by Malaysia serves as recognition of the country’s commitment to providing affordable, fast, and reliable internet for its citizens. With this milestone, Malaysia aims to inspire telcos and regulatory bodies to work together towards enhancing the nation’s digital connectivity landscape.

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