New Location for GCC Exchange: Fujairah International Airport!

GCC Exchange, a prominent foreign exchange and remittance brand in the UAE, marked a significant milestone with the opening of its new branch at Fujairah International Airport on 21st February 2024. This development comes as part of the company’s ongoing expansion efforts, which have seen growth in branches across the UAE.

Since 2022, GCC Exchange has been on an upward trajectory, expanding its branch network, launching new digital products such as their mobile app, and enhancing their range of services. The Fujairah International Airport branch is the second in the Emirate of Fujairah, reflecting the company’s commitment to increasing accessibility for customers and building a strong brand presence.

Mr. Rajesh Himmatlal, Managing Director at GCC Exchange, expressed his enthusiasm for the new branch’s inauguration, highlighting the team’s dedication to creating opportunities in Forex, remittance, and WPS Payroll solutions. He emphasized the importance of strategic locations to reach a wide audience, with the airport branch poised to offer a unique experience to travelers and remitters.

Mr. Yash Rajesh, General Manager at GCC Exchange, echoed this sentiment, noting the branch’s potential to cater to travelers’ foreign currency needs and attract new customers. The company’s expansion plans are geared towards raising awareness about the benefits of their forex and remittance services, with a focus on providing accessible and convenient solutions.

The opening of the Fujairah International Airport branch signifies GCC Exchange’s commitment to serving a diverse customer base and enhancing customer experience through strategic expansion initiatives. With a focus on innovation and customer-centric services, the company aims to solidify its position as a leading player in the foreign exchange and remittance industry in the UAE.

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