City council establishes bidding process for Riverwalk and approves agreement for Riverwalk art project.

The Mason City City Council has made progress on the Willow Creek Riverwalk Project by setting the bid process and approving an agreement for an art installation along the riverwalk. The project will feature play elements, public art, nature access, benches, and picnic areas, wrapping around the south side of the parking lot between the Mason City Arena and Music Man Square. Group Creative Services has been enlisted to assist in selecting the artist and artwork for the public art installation.

According to Kristy King of Bergland & Cram, the selected artists have created public art in various cities around the world, such as Dubai, Ankara, Sao Paulo, and Oakland. The proposed art installation will consist of a series of cylinders designed to evoke waves of music or water, encouraging viewers to interpret the sculpture in their own way. The interplay of light and sculpture will provide a visually striking entrance to the downtown area, with intricate motifs inspired by Prairie Style design that will be lit up from within.

Bids for the entire Riverwalk project are set to be awarded during the council’s March 19th meeting, with work scheduled to begin in April and be completed by early summer 2025. For more information on the art project, interested parties can refer to the council packet starting at page 299.

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