Major Change Implemented by Jetstar Onboard

Jetstar has unveiled a fresh new look for its uniforms, marking the first change in 20 years since the budget airline’s inception. Over 5000 pilots, cabin crew, and airport team members will now don a modernized navy blue uniform with subtle orange accents. The employees have the option to choose between an orange or navy blazer, along with a selection of clothing items including a shirt dress, tailored skirts, and overcoats.

This new collection was created by Australian fashion designer Genevieve Smart, who collaborated with 40 Jetstar pilots, cabin crew, and airport team members to finalize the design. Smart drew inspiration from the sunset viewed from an aircraft window, capturing the anticipation of the destination and the excitement of travel.

Jetstar Group CEO Stephanie Tully expressed that the updated uniform signifies the start of a new era for the airline. She emphasized that the design process involved input from the employees to reflect the airline’s progress over the years. The newly designed collection provides crew members with more freedom to express their individual style.

The new uniform will be gradually introduced to employees in New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore by late 2024, extending the unified look across the airline’s operations. This fresh update in style aims to showcase Jetstar’s evolution over the years and its commitment to providing a modern and comfortable experience for both employees and passengers alike.

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