CGI technology utilized for improved traffic safety in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Police has taken a significant step towards enhancing traffic safety by utilizing computer-generated imagery (CGI) in their traffic awareness videos. This collaboration between the Traffic and Patrols Directorate and the Security Media Department aims to provide high-quality, real-world images that can be viewed on various social media platforms.

Brigadier General Mahmoud Yousef Al Blushi, the Director of the Traffic and Security Patrols Directorate, emphasized the importance of using cutting-edge technologies and smart solutions to promote traffic awareness, improve security measures, and enhance competitiveness. This initiative is in line with the Abu Dhabi Police’s vision and strategy to offer smart and interactive government services that focus on creativity, innovation, and smart solutions.

The CGI videos are designed to increase public awareness of traffic safety, encourage proper behavior, and create a safe traffic environment. Major Ahmed Abdullah Al Muhairi, the Director of the Digital Traffic Awareness and Education Project, highlighted the importance of using modern media messages to reach different segments of society. The videos will cover a range of safety topics such as distracted driving hazards, vehicle maintenance importance, sudden swerving risks, pedestrian safety improvements, and safe electric bicycle usage. Additionally, the videos will promote safe driving practices during adverse weather conditions.

By harnessing the power of CGI technology, the Abu Dhabi Police is taking a proactive approach to educate the public and enhance traffic safety for all road users. This initiative reflects the commitment of the Abu Dhabi Police to prioritize road security, increase awareness, promote traffic culture, and enforce traffic regulations.

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