Introducing LCL Priority Service: Revolutionary Connectivity from Asia Pacific to Middle East with FedEx’s Integrated Networks

FedEx has introduced a new solution that is faster than ocean freight and more cost-effective than air freight, aiming to help businesses optimize their logistics operations. The new FedEx Less-than-Container Load (LCL) Priority service, a collaboration between FedEx Logistics and FedEx Express, offers a customs-cleared port-to-door and door-to-door solution, balancing speed and affordability to set a new standard in efficiency. By combining ocean and road networks, the service efficiently connects the Asia Pacific region with key markets in the Middle East.

With GCC trade with Asia projected to reach US8 billion by 2030, Gulf economies are keen to strengthen ties with the rapidly growing Asian region. The LCL Priority service is strategically designed to support and enhance the trade relationship between these two dynamic regions, providing a crucial link in the global trade landscape.

According to Edward Hui, Vice President of Asia, Middle East, and Africa at FedEx Logistics, the FedEx LCL Priority service represents more than just a logistics solution; it is a redefined approach to trade between Asia Pacific and the Middle East. By anticipating the evolving needs and expectations of customers, this innovative service aims to streamline shipping operations and adapt to changing trade dynamics in the region.

The integration of the FedEx Middle East Road Network (MERN) plays a crucial role in this offering, ensuring seamless redistribution to key markets in the Middle East for businesses in Asia Pacific that ship to the UAE via ocean routes. The goal of this ocean-road solution is to optimize delivery in terms of cost, time, and convenience, enabling businesses to enhance their shipping strategies and align with the shifting global trade landscape.

The flexibility of the FedEx LCL Priority service allows businesses to tailor their shipping experience according to their specific needs, whether prioritizing speed or cost-effectiveness. Through a single point of contact at FedEx, businesses can simplify their shipping processes and benefit from end-to-end track and trace visibility for enhanced efficiency and transparency.

The LCL Priority ocean-road solution aims to reduce transit times by 8 to 10 days compared to traditional ocean freight from Asia Pacific to Middle East countries. With customs clearance included, this solution is designed to improve speed, efficiency, and overall shipping costs for businesses looking to optimize their logistics operations.

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