‘Partnership Established for Community Retail Centers’

Kezad Group, a prominent player in Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa Economic Zones, has recently finalized two land lease agreements with Sam Force Trading to develop vibrant retail community centers. These agreements will see Sam Force construct and manage retail hubs in two key locations within Kezad, catering to the needs of residents and businesses in the area.

The community retail centers, set to be located in Khalifa Industrial Area (Kezad Al Ma’mourah) and ICAD (Kezad Musaffah), will offer a wide array of commercial and retail options. From restaurants and cafes to supermarkets and business centers, these centers aim to enhance the lifestyle and amenity offerings within the Kezad community.

Fatima Al Hammadi, the Chief Commercial Officer at Kezad Group, emphasized the strategic importance of partnering with experienced developers like Sam Force to expedite project delivery and operations. This collaboration ensures a seamless integration of the retail centers with Kezad’s overall aesthetics and functionality, ultimately benefitting the clients and community.

Faysal Azzam, the General Manager at Sam Force Trading, expressed pride in working with Kezad Group to elevate the community and cater to its expanding needs. He highlighted the continuous support from the UAE government and Kezad’s commitment to fostering a business-friendly environment in Abu Dhabi. With a longstanding history of 14 years working with Kezad, Sam Force looks forward to further collaboration in the years ahead.

These new retail centers underscore Kezad’s role as an economic growth catalyst and its dedication to adapting to the evolving needs of its diverse community. The collaboration between Kezad Group and Sam Force Trading promises to bring added convenience and amenities to the vibrant Kezad community, supporting its continued development and prosperity.

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