First RoRo vessel arrives at Yanbu Industrial Port

King Fahad Industrial Port in Yanbu recently celebrated a significant milestone with the arrival of the Höegh Sydney, the port’s first RoRo vessel received through transshipment. This achievement was made possible through a partnership with Höegh Autoliners, a global maritime transportation services provider. The Höegh Sydney arrived at the port carrying a total of 1,984 cars, showcasing the port’s increasing capacity and capabilities.

In addition to the Höegh Sydney, last year the port received the Italian ship Jolly Bandiyo, which transported vehicles for the Dakar Rally 2023. The shipment included 712 cars, 5 helicopters, 22 containers, and 61 motorcycles, demonstrating the port’s versatility in handling various types of cargo.

The King Fahad Industrial Port is well-equipped with high operational capabilities, including wide approach channels from both the northern and southern sides. This allows the port to accommodate larger vessels with berth depths of up to 18 meters, making it an attractive option for shipping companies looking for efficient and reliable port services.

In recognition of its excellence in port infrastructure, MAWANI, the authority overseeing Saudi Arabia’s ports, was honored with the Advanced Port Infrastructure Award at the Landmarks in Logistics Awards 2023 in the UAE. This award is a testament to MAWANI’s commitment to modernizing and expanding the country’s port facilities to meet the growing demands of global trade.

Moreover, MAWANI has been actively investing in strategic partnerships to enhance the logistics capabilities of Saudi Arabia. In a recent collaboration with MELDOG, the logistics arm of the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), MAWANI invested over 150 million riyals ( million) in an integrated Logistics Park at Dammam’s King Abdulaziz Port. This investment reflects the commitment to developing state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure to support the country’s growing economy and strengthen its position as a key player in the global trade landscape.

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