Exhibition Featuring Sarah Morris at an Art Gallery

Zentrum Paul Klee is hosting a groundbreaking exhibition titled ‘All Systems Fail’, showcasing the extensive body of work by acclaimed artist Sarah Morris. This retrospective is the most comprehensive in Switzerland, offering a unique insight into Morris’s diverse practice. The exhibition includes a diverse range of works, including paintings, drawings, film posters, and film installations, totaling over 100 pieces.

For over two decades, Sarah Morris has been renowned for her abstract, geometric paintings that delve into the structures of the contemporary world. Her art captures the intricacies of networks, systems, economies, and architectures, offering a fresh perspective on the modern landscape. In addition to her paintings, Morris’s films featuring global cities like New York, Beijing, and Rio de Janeiro, highlight the influence of commercialism in today’s late capitalist society.

The ‘All Systems Fail’ exhibition at Zentrum Paul Klee provides a unique opportunity to experience the evolution of Sarah Morris’s artistic vision and its exploration of modern life. Through her fusion of visual art and film, Morris invites viewers to contemplate the impact of societal structures on our daily existence. This retrospective promises to be a thought-provoking and immersive experience for art enthusiasts and cultural enthusiasts alike.

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