‘U of A’s Chinese Program Enhances Cultural Understanding at Crystal Bridges’

On February 9, 2024, a meaningful cultural exchange occurred at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, involving the Chinese Program from the University of Arkansas’s Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

This collaboration with the museum’s IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility) Committee and the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) Employee Resource Group was a significant step for the program, showcasing its dedication to cultural diversity and education. The event focused on the Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, and engaged over 20 staff members from the Crystal Bridges Museum.

Under the guidance of instructor Li Yang, students from advanced Chinese language classes presented on the Spring Festival’s history, customs, modern celebrations, and global significance to the audience. The interactive session included cultural activities and a jeopardy game to deepen understanding and involvement in the traditions surrounding the festival.

Kariah Brust, co-chair of the IDEA committee, praised the Chinese Program for its informative contribution to the event, emphasizing the importance of such exchanges in building appreciation for global traditions among diverse communities.

The participation of the Chinese Program at the Spring Festival event at Crystal Bridges Museum highlights the role of academic and cultural institutions in promoting diversity and inclusion. These initiatives not only enrich the community’s cultural fabric but also provide students with valuable opportunities for peer-teaching and community engagement, allowing them to apply their academic knowledge in practical settings and enhance their interpersonal skills.

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