‘Thermal Paper Roll for 8080 ATM and Cash Register Machines’

Sailing Paper, a leading converter and exporter of thermal paper, offers BPA-free thermal paper rolls that are ideal for ATM transactions. These rolls are made of thermal paper, which reacts to heat to display sales information clearly and accurately without the need for ink.

The BPA-free thermal paper rolls are designed with a focus on health and efficiency. The core diameter has been optimized to reduce the overall volume of the paper rolls while ensuring compatibility with most machines. Additionally, these rolls are not sticky, making them easy to handle and use.

The rolls come in custom sizes and are ideal for ATM transactions. With single-sided printing, these rolls are suitable for a variety of applications. Sailing Paper accepts OEM/ODM orders, as well as trade, wholesale, and regional agency partnerships. Payment can be made through T/T, L/C, or PayPal.

With two factories in China, Sailing Paper is a reliable business partner with a quick 48-hour delivery time. The company also offers free stock samples for interested customers. Sailing Paper is known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service, making it a trusted choice for thermal paper needs.

To learn more about Sailing Paper and their BPA-free thermal paper rolls, visit their website and contact them for inquiries and orders. They are committed to exceeding customer expectations and providing cost-effective solutions for thermal paper needs.

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