The Significance of Total Crew Management™ in Promoting Sustainable Working Models in the Aviation Industry

The global aviation industry is facing challenges in labor qualification and retention, according to CAPA’s 2023 Megatrends and World Summit Agenda. With costs rising and hiring processes slowing down due to regulatory approvals, airlines are in need of innovative solutions to meet industry demands while remaining sustainable and cost-effective.

The shortage of qualified professionals in the aviation sector is a pressing issue as airlines struggle to recruit and retain skilled personnel to ensure efficient operations, provide excellent customer service, and maintain job security. Flexibility and adaptability have become crucial in meeting the changing demands of the market, such as quickly scaling operations, adjusting schedules, and optimizing crew resources efficiently. Job security on flexible terms is a challenge many airlines face.

AAP Aviation’s Total Crew Management™ offers a solution to these challenges by providing a comprehensive package of crew management services based on where employees live. This approach allows airlines to access a global pool of qualified professionals while ensuring sustainable working models and job security for aviation professionals. By prioritizing collective bargaining and solid labor agreements, Total Crew Management™ empowers crew to build successful careers.

Total Crew Management™ enables airlines to engage competent professionals from around the world, ensuring a cost-effective and sustainable supply of skilled aircrew members. This approach minimizes training, recruitment, and crew management costs for airlines, offering cost optimization benefits. Finnair, Finland’s largest airline, has been a long-standing client of AAP Aviation, utilizing the Total Crew Management™ model since 2015.

According to AAP Aviation CEO Espen Høiby, the industry is seeing a shift towards a global approach in crewing solutions, highlighting the complexity and need for specialized knowledge in managing crew bases worldwide. This model aligns with CAPA’s prediction for 2024, emphasizing the importance of increasing investments in in-house resources and forming strategic partnerships with specialized recruiters and providers.

By implementing a two-fold approach of in-house resources and strategic partnerships, the aviation industry can effectively address the shortage of professionals and ensure a sustainable future. AAP Aviation’s Total Crew Management™ model offers an innovative and sustainable solution that will shape a successful aviation ecosystem in 2024 and beyond. With a focus on sustainability and cost-effectiveness, this model is poised to meet the industry’s demands and challenges in the years to come.

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