Special Ramadan Sale on Home Boxes in UAE Outdoor Advertising

UAE’s Home Box brand continues to make a lasting impact on its audience with its ongoing PART SALE campaign, strategically spread across Dubai and Sharjah on billboards and screens. The campaign aims to refresh traditions and make Ramadan unforgettable by offering discounts ranging from 25% to 50%.

Following the success of their previous outdoor campaign in January, Home Box is back with the same exciting promotion. The vibrant visuals and heartwarming scenes depicted on the screens and hoardings capture attention and generate excitement among customers. The brand’s signature colors of white and red, along with the prominent display of the Home Box logo, add to the allure of the campaign.

By using visuals to showcase families enjoying the blessings of Ramadan, Home Box creates a connection between the joyous spirit of the holy month and the discounts offered. The strategically placed billboards ensure that the message is always fresh and engaging, leaving a lasting imprint on the audience.

With the power of visuals and strategic placement, Home Box continues to attract customers and create a memorable experience for shoppers preparing to celebrate Ramadan.

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