‘Shura Council Attends Conference on WTO in Abu Dhabi’

The Shura Council recently took part in the Abu Dhabi Session of the Parliamentary Conference on the World Trade Organization (PCWTO), in conjunction with the 13th WTO Ministerial Conference. This event was hosted by the Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the European Parliament.

Represented by HE Mohamed bin Yousef Almana and HE Umair bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi, the Council aimed to promote and support global trade for the benefit of all nations and peoples. Discussions during the conference centered on trade, climate change, and digital trade in the context of resilient economies.

In the conference’s final document, participants underscored the significance of parliamentary involvement in advancing multilateral cooperation on trade issues. They highlighted the WTO’s crucial role in enhancing people’s lives and called for reforms within the organization to address contemporary challenges and meet evolving expectations.

Moreover, attendees emphasized the necessity of a robust parliamentary dimension within the WTO. They urged the organization to equip the conference with the necessary tools to enhance parliamentary participation effectively. This move would enable stronger collaboration between parliamentary bodies and the WTO to address global trade challenges comprehensively.

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