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SEE Holding in Dubai Wins Prestigious Awards at 2024 International Property Awards

SEE Holding, a global sustainable holding group behind The Sustainable City Dubai, has received prestigious accolades at the 2024 International Property Awards in London. The company was recognized in two categories: ‘Best Sustainable Residential Development’ for The Sustainable City Dubai and ‘Best Public Service Development’ for Sanad Village, showcasing its commitment to advancing sustainability in the region.

The Sustainable City in Dubai, developed by SEE Holding, is built on the principles of social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Since its inception, the city has significantly reduced its carbon footprint, diverted waste from landfills, and decreased water consumption compared to regional averages.

With full occupancy and a diverse community of 3,000 residents from 65 nationalities, The Sustainable City stands as a model for sustainable living. The concept is being replicated in key locations like Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Yiti in Oman, with plans for more projects to transform cities globally.

SEE Holding’s portfolio includes Diamond Developers, City Solar, and Tadweer, all dedicated to sustainability initiatives. With decades of experience, the company continues to lead in sustainable urban development, paving the way for environmentally conscious cities in the Middle East and beyond, with Dubai as its headquarters.

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