Season 10 Reunion of ‘Married To Medicine’ Teased, Fans React: ‘A Prom on Mother’s Day’ – Interviewed

The latest edition of the “Married To Medicine” reunion special is creating quite a buzz among fans. Recently released photos showcase the ladies of the popular Bravo reality series coming together to discuss the drama that unfolded in Season 10. It’s a tradition for the cast to coordinate their looks for the reunion, and this year, the theme appears to be floral.

Newcomer Phaedra Parks, known for her stint on Real Housewives of Atlanta, stole the show with a stunning Geyanna Youness dress in a Pretty in Pink moment. Interestingly, the dress was previously worn by Chanel Ayan from Real Housewives of Dubai, creating an unintentional twinning moment. Chanel Ayan graciously addressed the situation on her social media account, highlighting the beauty of the shared inspiration.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes, a full-time cast member since season two, also made a striking entrance in an emerald green ensemble. The reunion looks have sparked excitement and conversations among viewers, with many sharing their thoughts in the comments section.

Overall, the unveiling of the reunion looks has sparked anticipation and intrigue among fans of the show. The coordinated outfits and fashion choices are sure to add an extra layer of drama and style to the highly-anticipated event. Share your thoughts on this year’s reunion looks in the comments!

For more details on the full looks, click [here].

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