Roll Group Secures Agreement for Acquisition of Two Wide Deck Carriers from KMC Line in H2 2025

Roll Group, a heavy transportation company, has announced the acquisition of two vessels from global logistics company KMC Line, set to take place in the second half of 2025. These vessels, to be renamed Bigroll KMC Beaumont and Bigroll KMC Busan, are part of a collaboration stemming from an MOU signed in June 2023.

By adding these wide deck carriers to their fleet, Roll Group will increase their heavy transport project vessels to a total of 10. This expansion will result in better scheduling, risk redundancy, and increased flexibility for clients.

Peter Rondhuis, CEO of Roll Group, expressed excitement about the fleet expansion, citing the increased demand from clients and the company’s growth ambitions. The partnership with KMC Line has been instrumental in facilitating this expansion, with Roll Group keen on further growth and partnerships with fleet owners to meet client demands. The company is focused on keeping up with the global demand for integrated project solutions for transport on both land and sea.

Founded in 1989 and based in Korea, KMC Line specializes in steel shipping, bulk carriers, heavy cargo shipping industries, and agency work primarily in Asia, Australia, and the Americas. On the other hand, Roll Group, established in 2006, is a global heavy transportation provider with a fleet that includes ships, land transport via SPMT, trucks, cranes, and lifting capability up to 4000 tons. With regional head offices in the Netherlands, Singapore, the United States, and Abu Dhabi, Roll Group offers clients a comprehensive integrated heavy transport solution.

This collaboration signifies a significant milestone for both companies, enhancing their capabilities and services in the heavy transportation industry.

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