‘Pinnacle of Sustainable Technology Life Cycle Solutions’

In a time where corporate social responsibility is paramount, the implementation of robust ITAD solutions demonstrates a dedication to ethical and sustainable business practices. This commitment not only enhances an organization’s reputation but also showcases a strong focus on environmental stewardship, data privacy, and responsible consumerism.

As more businesses prioritize sustainability, there is a growing demand for responsible disposal and recycling of IT assets. ITAD solutions, which revolve around reusing, refurbishing, and recycling electronic devices, perfectly align with the environmental expectations of CSR initiatives. Companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize electronic waste often turn to ITAD providers to ensure environmentally friendly IT asset management.

Amongst the landscape of ITAD solution providers, TES – Sustainable Technology Lifecycle Solutions has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. With services that cover the entire lifecycle of IT equipment, TES ensures responsible decommissioning, data security, and environmentally conscious disposal practices.

In the quest to discover the Best ITAD Solution Providers to Watch in 2024, we had the privilege of interviewing Terence Ng, the Chairman & Group CEO of TES.

During the interview, Terence Ng shared insights into TES’s mission and commitment to sustainability. With over 20 years of experience in the environmental sector, Ng’s expertise has been instrumental in shaping TES’s focus on ethical business practices and sustainability.

As an ITAD solution provider, TES offers a comprehensive range of services that cover the entire life cycle of IT equipment. From decommissioning to end-of-life retirement, TES manages transportation, testing, repair, data sanitization, and IT value recovery. With over 40 processing facilities globally, TES ensures a consistent experience for customers across various locations.

Data security is a top priority for TES during the IT asset disposal process. As a trusted service provider for OEMs and Global 2000 organizations, TES employs robust data sanitization methods, secure chain of custody procedures, and holds certifications to guarantee data security and responsible disposition practices.

TES adheres to industry standards such as the NIST 800-88.R1 standard for data sanitization. Through process audits and third-party auditors, TES ensures 100% compliance to safeguard data and maintain the integrity of its processes.

Contrary to common misconceptions, TES focuses on the reuse and extension of IT assets’ life, aligning with waste hierarchy principles. By collaborating with clients to review assets, offer guidance on refresh cycles, and promote efficient use of IT hardware, TES emphasizes the environmental benefits of prolonging the life of IT assets.

In line with its mission of “Sustaining Tomorrow,” TES maintains international best practice certifications like R2 (Responsible Recycling), ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 27001. These certifications ensure that TES’s IT asset disposal practices adhere to rigorous environmental standards across its global processing facilities.

TES’s data destruction processes adhere to the NIST 800-88 standard, with options for data erasure at its facility or the customer’s premises. With secure data destruction methods exceeding standards, TES provides a certificate of data destruction as proof of successful erasure.

Apart from core ITAD services, TES offers value-added services like asset tracking and remarketing. Through a sophisticated business intelligence system, TES monitors and directs asset sales globally, providing detailed insights to clients and maximizing returns.

Logistics for IT asset pickup and transportation are streamlined through TES’s Global ITAD Portal. This platform manages service requests, estimates, and collection tracking, while GPS systems on vehicles ensure real-time tracking during transit.

One of TES’s success stories involves managing the reverse logistics associated with a multinational client’s technology transformation. With 90,000 assets across 87 countries and 1,000 physical locations, TES effectively handled the collection, testing, data sanitization, disposition, and value recovery of these assets within a 12-month period.

TES has received several awards in recognition of its achievements in the corporate niche. In 2023, the company was honored with various accolades for its commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.

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