Partnership between REPAY and Maxyfi to Improve Payment Collection Processes

Repay Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: RPAY), a leader in payment solutions, has announced a new partnership and technology integration with Maxyfi, a provider of collections and accounts receivables management software. This collaboration will allow Maxyfi clients to offer flexible payment options to consumers, improving the overall collection process.

The integration with REPAY will streamline payment collections for businesses using the Maxyfi software, optimizing workflows and reconciliation through real-time data exchange. The partnership also offers secure omni-channel payment methods, including online, text, mobile, and IVR, making it easier for consumers to choose their preferred payment method.

Jake Moore, EVP of Consumer Payments at REPAY, emphasized the importance of providing consumers with convenient payment options to enhance the collections process. The partnership aims to modernize accounts receivable management and simplify transactions for both collectors and consumers.

Ashraf Ali, Co-Founder & CSO of Maxyfi, expressed their commitment to improving client experiences by integrating REPAY’s payment expertise into their platform. This collaboration will support clients’ collections processes by streamlining payments.

REPAY provides integrated payment processing solutions tailored to specific transaction processing needs, simplifying electronic payments for clients and enhancing the overall consumer and business experience. Maxyfi, on the other hand, is a SaaS-based automated debt collection software designed to assist collection agencies and businesses in recovering debts and increasing revenue quickly.

The partnership between REPAY and Maxyfi signifies a step towards modernizing accounts receivable management and improving the collections process for businesses and consumers. Learn more about Maxyfi at

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