New Skincare Brand Launches with Goal of Setting Waste Reduction Standard in Beauty Industry

Glorio Skin Launches Eco-Friendly Brazilian Clay Masks Collection

Los Angeles, CA. – Glorio Skin, a California-based team of seasoned beauty industry experts, is proud to announce the launch of their brand along with a collection of Brazilian Clay Masks. The brand is on a mission to showcase how waste can be reduced in the beauty industry.

Based in Redondo Beach, CA, Glorio Skin’s commitment to “no waste” begins with responsibly sourced Brazilian Clay, where vegetation is replanted after extraction. The packaging is crafted from 100% recycled paper and includes a reusable silicone applicator. With production taking place in the USA, the brand significantly reduces carbon footprints from international transport. This commitment results in using 93% less plastic than similar products, producing only 1% product waste, and utilizing biodegradable packaging that degrades in 5-6 weeks.

Glorio Skin’s dedication to sustainability is evident in their single-dose applications, offering benefits such as reduced waste, product potency, freshness, hygiene, and metered dosage. The collection features five product offerings, each utilizing a unique Brazilian Clay base for specific skincare benefits.

The full-size products come in 8 single-use applications, with a suggested retail price of .99. Additionally, there is a Discovery Kit available for .99, including a single use of each full-size product.

Glorio Skin aims to lead by example in the beauty industry by providing quality products with minimal impact on the environment. By offering biodegradable packaging and focusing on sustainability, the brand sets a new standard in the industry.

As the sustainable beauty movement continues to grow, Glorio Skin is dedicated to overcoming barriers in the manufacturing process and promoting eco-friendly practices. Follow Glorio Skin on Instagram @glorioskin and TikTok @glorioskin to learn more about their innovative skincare solutions.

Glorio Skin, launching in December 2022, is a Los Angeles-based skincare brand focused on clean, single-dose solutions for healthy skin. Their collection of clay masks is made from sustainably sourced Brazilian clays, targeting different skin types and catering to various skincare needs.

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