New Outdoor Campaign for Cadillac by Al Ghandi Auto: Truly Irresistible

Al Ghandi Auto, the premier dealer for Cadillac in the United Arab Emirates, has recently launched a captivating outdoor advertising campaign that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the Cadillac brand. The campaign features a stunning silver Cadillac Escalade set against a breathtaking waterfront backdrop, with the tagline “Now Truly Irresistible” highlighting the allure and undeniable appeal of Cadillac vehicles.

The billboard showcases the Escalade in a sleek silver shade, emphasizing its elegant lines and bold presence that perfectly complement the scenic waterfront landscape. This visual representation underscores the timeless appeal and captivating design of the Escalade, making it truly stand out.

In addition to showcasing the Escalade’s striking features, the campaign also highlights the vehicle’s starting price of AED 7,000 per month, along with the value proposition of a comprehensive 5-year warranty that includes scheduled service, maintenance, and roadside assistance. This emphasizes Cadillac’s commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service.

The branding of the campaign stays true to Cadillac’s core brand values of luxury, sophistication, and audacious style, creating a visually striking representation of the Cadillac experience. The outdoor advertising campaign serves as a strategic move by Al Ghandi Auto to reach a wide audience and capture their attention in a dynamic and visually appealing way, further reinforcing Cadillac’s position as a leading luxury car brand in the UAE.

The campaign was unveiled in Dubai in the third week of February, displayed on hoardings across the city. This initiative by Al Ghandi Auto is a testament to their dedication to showcasing the best that Cadillac has to offer to the discerning customers in the UAE.

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