New Health Facility Set to Open at Ithaca Mall in Late March

Cayuga Health Associates, Chief Operating Officer, Jeffrey Penoyer, recently provided a tour of the new medical offices at the Shops at Ithaca Mall. The Cayuga Health facility is set to open at the end of March, with the cardiology practice being the first to be fully operational at the location.

The cardiology unit boasts 22 exam rooms, planning to integrate five practices into the new site. This facility, which replaces the former Bon-Ton location, spans approximately 60,000 square feet and will house various medical services. Cardiology is scheduled to open on March 25, followed by the lab, residency clinic, primary care, and rheumatology departments.

By consolidating multiple practices into one location, Cayuga Health aims to promote collaboration among caregivers and simplify staffing arrangements. The project was initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic when the mall parking lot served as a drive-through COVID testing site.

Incorporating natural light and state-of-the-art lighting fixtures, the renovated space offers a calming atmosphere for patients. Additional services such as Cayuga Medical Equipment, strategically located within the mall, aim to provide convenient access to medical supplies for patients.

Cayuga Health plans to expand its cardiology services by recruiting new cardiologists in September. The site also features an “on-stage, off-stage” theme to safeguard patient privacy and enhance their overall experience.

Looking ahead, Cayuga Health intends to add more primary care providers to the facility by fall 2024 to address the shortage of primary care services in the area. The organization’s commitment to enhancing healthcare services in the community is exemplified by its continued investment and expansion efforts. With plans to consolidate more healthcare services into the mall, Cayuga Health remains dedicated to serving the local population.

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