‘New Financial Chatbot Capabilities Unveiled by Justpaid’

JustPaid, an AI-powered FinTech company, has unveiled new features for its conversational AI financial chatbot. The upgraded chatbot will now offer more personalized and dynamic insights tailored to users based on their specific financial needs and feedback.

Custom action tiles and metrics will be available on the chatbot for topics such as cash flow, enabling founders and business operators to engage in more targeted conversations. Financial data from sources like QuickBooks and Chase Bank will be integrated to provide context for the insights being communicated.

JustPaid’s goal is to seamlessly integrate with Stripe and other leading money movement vendors, enabling company operators, bookkeepers, and accountants to process transactions directly within the chatbot. This integration aims to simplify the experience of managing payments and services.

Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, the financial chatbot will now feature interactive components for a more engaging user experience. This will allow for the visualization of cash flows and other financial data over time in a more interactive format.

Co-founder Anelya Grant emphasized the company’s commitment to providing the best financial experience for businesses, stating, “Business operators should have access to real-time financial data and insights to stay informed.”

Through Chat.justpaid.io, startups can access all their financial management tools and have conversations in one centralized platform. The newly announced features seek to enhance insights, integration, and interactivity within the platform.

Co-founder Vinay Pinnaka highlighted the goal of creating a contextually relevant chat experience, where users are immediately informed of changes in their business through real-time tiles upon logging in. This real-time feature aims to keep users informed and up-to-date with their business operations.

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