Luxury Chocolates in London: A Premier Destination

Carpo, a renowned chocolate shop in London, offers a luxurious selection of handcrafted artisanal treats and chocolate-covered nuts that are perfect for any occasion. Their range includes whole hazelnuts coated in signature milk chocolate and nuts nestled within chocolate rocks, all crafted by chocolate artisans from around the world, showcasing the brand’s commitment to quality.

Carpo is a globally recognized brand known for its premium hand-picked nuts, handcrafted chocolate, and aromatic coffee. With locations in London, Dubai, and Athens, the brand recently opened a flagship store on Glasshouse Street, Piccadilly Circus, solidifying its reputation as one of London’s premier boutique confectionery shops. This milestone coincides with Carpo’s 10th anniversary in London, boasting four prestigious stores in prime locations.

Boasting over 30 years of experience, Carpo focuses on delivering the highest quality nuts, dried fruits, honey, and coffee sourced from independent small growers worldwide. Customers can embark on a sensory journey with captivating aromas and flavors from around the globe. Carpo also offers beautifully crafted hampers in various sizes, ranging from baby to large, starting at £35, allowing customers to create custom gifts for any occasion.

For more information and to make purchases, visit Carpo’s website at or visit their stores in person. Some of their hero products include Chocolate Rocks Mix with Almonds, Chocolate Rocks Mix with Nuts Croquant, Truffles Mix with Honey, and Dragee Mix. Additionally, they offer bespoke hampers such as Grand Ciel Premium, Blue Flowers Superior, and Horses Mint Limited, catering to different preferences and budgets.

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