‘Intellectual Property Registered for Evaluation of Governance Maturity’

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently announced a significant milestone, with the registration of intellectual property for a guide and working mechanism in Governance Maturity Assessment. The registration process was spearheaded by the Internal Audit Department of RTA.

The Governance Maturity Assessment Guide has been successfully registered with the Ministry of Economy in the United Arab Emirates, thanks to collaboration with an international company specializing in worldwide intellectual property registration.

Sheikha Ahmed Al Jarman, Executive Director of Internal Audit at RTA, expressed her pride in this achievement, emphasizing how it enhances governance practices within the organization and solidifies RTA’s position as a leader in corporate governance. She highlighted that the guide establishes a mechanism that assists in assessing maturity across multiple dimensions.

Furthermore, Al Jarman emphasized that the registration of the Governance Maturity Assessment Guide elevates RTA’s standing both regionally and globally, aligning with its vision as The World Leader in Seamless and Sustainable Mobility. She credited RTA’s commitment to fostering a work environment that promotes creativity, innovation, and excellence as key factors leading to the registration of this intellectual property. This achievement is seen as a reflection of RTA’s core values in its journey towards leadership.

This latest development underscores RTA’s continuous efforts to drive innovation and excellence in the field of transportation and governance.

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