Industry’s First AI-Native Networking Platform Promises Superior User Experiences and Reduced Operational Costs

Juniper Networks has announced the launch of the industry’s first AI-Native Networking Platform that aims to deliver exceptional user experiences while reducing operational costs significantly. This platform is specially designed to utilize AI technology to ensure the best end-to-end operator and end-user experiences. Leveraging seven years of insights and data science development, Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform offers reliable, measurable, and secure connections for every device, user, application, and asset.

One of the unique features of this platform is its ability to unify all campus, branch, and data center networking solutions using a common AI engine alongside the Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA). This integration allows for end-to-end AI for IT Operations (AIOps), enabling deep insight, automated troubleshooting, and seamless networking assurance. As a result, IT teams can shift their focus from basic network maintenance to delivering exceptional end-to-end experiences for various users. The simplicity and assurance provided by this platform lead to up to 85% lower operational expenditures compared to traditional solutions, along with a decrease in network trouble tickets, IT onsite visits, and network incident resolution times.

Rami Rahim, the Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks, emphasized the significance of AI in networking, stating that it has revolutionized the industry by saving enterprises time and money while enhancing user experiences. The AI-Native Networking Platform marks a significant step forward for Juniper and the industry, extending AIOps from the end user to the application level, paving the way for eliminating network outages, trouble tickets, and application downtime.

In addition to the platform, Juniper is introducing new products that enhance user experience and operational efficiency, particularly in the data center environment. The Marvis VNA enhancements, such as Marvis Minis and the AI-Native VNA for the data center, offer more automation and insights to customers and partners.

Moreover, Juniper is expanding its AI Data Center solutions by introducing new products like faster and more efficient routers and high-capacity switches designed for AI training and inference workloads. These advancements aim to simplify AI Data Center networking design, deployment, and troubleshooting while offering flexibility, scalability, and energy-efficient sustainability.

By prioritizing sustainability without compromising performance and security, Juniper’s AI-Native Networking Platform promotes power

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