“I’m Feeling like Anything is Possible Here”

Dentsu Creative has announced that Riccardo will be joining the judging panel for the Film, Print & Publishing, Radio & Audio categories at the 2024 Dubai Lynx Awards in March. The Dubai Lynx Awards, part of Cannes Lions’ Ascential Group, is a prestigious annual event that brings together ideas, brands, and technology from around the world. With over 80 global jurors and more than 1000 attendees from the MENA region and beyond, the festival is a hub for cutting-edge content, networking, and celebrating creative work in the region.

Riccardo shared his excitement about being a part of the Dubai Lynx Awards, citing his curiosity about the region and its potential. As someone working closely with Dentsu Creative’s offices in Dubai and Riyadh, he expressed high expectations for the campaigns he will be judging, believing that anything is possible in the region.

When asked about what it takes to win a Lynx in the Film, Print & Publishing, Radio & Audio categories, Riccardo emphasized the importance of great ideas and excellent craftsmanship. He noted the impressive quality of work in the radio and audio category, attributing it to creatives pushing themselves to new heights due to budget constraints.

As a chief creative officer and photographer, Riccardo discussed how he integrates his passion for photography into his creative work. He highlighted the influence photography has on his vision and creative process, noting that he plans to capture the sights of Dubai with his camera during his visit.

Speaking about his photography, Riccardo revealed his ambition to explore both profound and intimate subjects through his practice. From sociological topics like the G8 to the ethereal beauty of light and atmosphere, his photography captures a range of themes and emotions.

Finally, when asked about the role of creativity today, Riccardo shared his belief that its purpose is to bring beauty back to the world. He emphasized the connection between creativity and photography in his approach to making a positive impact through artistic expression.

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