Hitachi EX2000 Crane Disassembled and Transported from Belgium to Abu Dhabi

Wens Maritime recently completed a challenging shipment of a Hitachi EX2000 crane from Belgium to Abu Dhabi using containers provided by MSC. The shipment included six 40′ FR containers, two 40′ HC containers, and one 40′ OT container.

The main structure of the crane, weighing 38.5 tons, presented a challenge for shipping due to the need to evenly distribute the weight. Wens Maritime overcame this obstacle by constructing a hardwood floor and reinforcing the support beams with wooden beams along the entire length of the unit. This innovative solution effectively spread the weight of the cargo across the container’s surface area. The entire deck of the container was lined with hardwood, and additional supports were placed under the unit’s entire length.

PSA BDP handled the lashing and securing of the cargo, ensuring its safe arrival in Abu Dhabi. The successful completion of this shipment was a result of the collaborative efforts of all parties involved.

The project showcases Wens Maritime’s expertise in handling complex and heavy cargo shipments, providing tailored solutions to ensure the safe and secure transportation of valuable equipment.

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