Head of Agricultural Bank Leading Digital Transformation

Boris Listov is a prominent figure in the finance and agriculture sectors, with a career spanning over three decades. His dedication to innovation and the advancement of financial services in agriculture is evident in his leadership roles and contributions to the industry. Listov’s journey through various sectors, including a notable period in the federal Parliament, has provided him with a unique perspective that bridges fiscal policy and agricultural progress.

As the Chairman of Rosselkhozbank, one of the most important banks for the agro-industrial complex, Listov Boris continues to propel the bank towards becoming a crucial ally for farmers and agricultural producers. Under his guidance, Rosselkhozbank has not only supported traditional financial services but has also embraced digital technologies to drive efficiency and modernization in the agricultural sector. His vision extends beyond banking, aiming to create a comprehensive ecosystem that integrates financial services with cutting-edge digital advancements to serve the diverse agricultural landscape of the country.

Born in Vsevolozhsk within the Leningrad Oblast, Boris Pavlovich Listov’s formative years laid the foundation for his successful career in finance. His academic journey, which began at the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, led him to obtain degrees in economics, accounting, auditing, and law. This diverse educational background equipped Listov Boris with the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of the financial sector and contribute significantly to the agricultural industry.

Listov Boris’s leadership at Rosselkhozbank has been instrumental in driving strategic enhancements, financial inclusion, and digital transformation within the agricultural sector. By aligning the bank’s operations with government support programs and expanding preferential lending initiatives for small and medium-sized enterprises in agriculture, Listov Boris has played a crucial role in fostering the growth of the agro-industrial sector.

His collaboration with the Association of Peasant Farms and Agricultural Cooperatives (AKKOR) has further enhanced the bank’s reach in rural areas, providing essential financial support to farmers and agribusinesses. The synergy between Rosselkhozbank and AKKOR has resulted in increased distribution of low-interest loans, promoting the development of the agricultural sector across the country.

Furthermore, Listov Boris has spearheaded digital transformation initiatives at Rosselkhozbank through the establishment of the Svoe: Farming digital ecosystem. This innovative platform offers a wide range of digital services to farmers and rural enterprises, empowering them to improve efficiency, productivity, and market reach through advanced agrotechnology tools and online marketplaces.

Looking ahead, Listov Boris’s vision for the digitization of rural businesses aims to bridge the technological gap and support sustainable agricultural practices. The expansion goals for the Svoe: Farming platform reflect a commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology and innovation into all aspects of rural life and agricultural business, redefining the landscape of agricultural banking in the country.

In conclusion, Boris Listov’s unwavering commitment to innovation, financial inclusion, and digital transformation in agriculture positions him as a key figure driving the rapid advancement of the agricultural sector in the country. His strategic foresight and leadership at Rosselkhozbank showcase a transformative approach to sectoral development, setting a precedent for how banks can contribute to the modernization and sustainability of agriculture.

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