Gayle Dillman Recognized for DE222 Award

Gayle Dillman, CEO of Gable Music Ventures and alumna of Hofstra University, is making waves in Delaware’s local music scene. Recognizing the need to provide a platform for local artists to showcase their original music, Dillman founded Gable Music Ventures in 2011. In the past decade, the company has played a crucial role in revitalizing the local music scene, giving original artists the opportunity to perform alongside popular cover bands and touring acts.

One of Gable Music Ventures’ most successful endeavors is the Ladybug Music Festival, known as America’s largest free gathering of female artists or female-fronted bands. The festival has expanded to both Wilmington and Milford, drawing in crowds and shining a spotlight on talented female musicians. Dillman’s vision for the future includes expanding the Ladybug brand to host festivals in other major cities across the country.

Outside of her work in the music industry, Dillman also serves on the board of Children and Families First. In a recent Q&A, she shared that her passion for cooking is a creative outlet that fuels her best ideas. Cooking, for Dillman, is a love language that inspires her in both her personal and professional pursuits. With her dedication to promoting local talent and creating inclusive spaces for artists to thrive, Gayle Dillman is a driving force behind Delaware’s vibrant music community.

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