First Ads API Partner Announced by Reddit

Reddit has recently announced a new Ads API partnership with Sprinklr, a customer experience management platform, as part of its efforts to enhance revenue opportunities. This collaboration marks Sprinklr as Reddit’s first advertising API partner, integrating Reddit’s Data API to offer more effective Reddit campaigns through Sprinklr’s platform.

According to Reddit, this partnership will allow Sprinklr customers to analyze public conversations on Reddit to gain better insights into audience sentiments and behaviors. This, in turn, will enable Sprinklr users to optimize their paid and organic strategies on Reddit.

With the integration of Ads API, Sprinklr users will have direct access to all of Reddit’s ad solutions through the platform, presenting new opportunities for both Sprinklr users and Reddit. Many well-known companies, including PepsiCo, Uber, Puma, and Honda, already utilize Sprinklr for social media management. By simplifying access to Reddit ads for these businesses, the collaboration could potentially lead to increased experimentation with Reddit’s offerings, driving higher engagement.

Moreover, this partnership will expand opportunities for other businesses to leverage Reddit ads, providing them with comprehensive insights to improve performance. Reddit is also seeking additional partners for its Reddit Ads API, making it available to developers and advertisers to further diversify third-party ad opportunities.

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