Experience the Elegance of Pan Home Billboards at Affordable Prices in the UAE

PAN Home, the region’s leading home furnishing brand, has introduced a new outdoor advertising campaign across the UAE following the successful PAN Home campaign during Ramadan. The brand’s affordable yet high-quality home decor solutions are now being showcased on prominent out-of-home media, such as white hoardings and unipoles.

The outdoor advertisements feature various designs of living rooms, Travers seater sofas, and dining rooms in serene colors, emphasizing luxury and comfort. Customers can also explore the full product range on PAN Home’s official website, as highlighted on the billboards.

The campaign, which began in the second week of May, is prominently displayed in Dubai and Sharjah, offering customers the chance to discover great savings without compromising on quality. Through this marketing strategy of utilizing outdoor advertisements, PAN Home aims to increase brand awareness and effectively communicate its message of affordability and high quality to a wider audience.

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