Enhanced Search and Advertising Highlight Fourth Quarter 2023 Etsy Performance

Etsy has reported its fourth-quarter earnings for 2023, showcasing a mixed but overall positive performance. The online marketplace saw Gross Merchandise Sales (GMS) totaling .6 billion for the quarter, a decrease of 1.4% year-over-year but a significant increase of 142% over a four-year period. Consolidated GMS, including its subsidiaries, amounted to billion, down 0.7% year-over-year and 1.6% on a currency neutral basis.

Despite the slight decrease in GMS, Etsy achieved a record revenue of 2.3 million, primarily driven by growth in Etsy Ads and payments revenue.

Etsy also highlighted advancements in its search and ad capabilities. The marketplace implemented a new graph neural network retrieval system to enhance search relevance and improve interactions between listings. Machine learning technology was utilized to make Etsy Ads more relevant, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased average order value.

In a statement following the earnings report, Etsy’s Chief Executive Officer, Josh Silverman, expressed optimism for the future. He mentioned plans to invest in growth initiatives in 2024, starting with efforts to position Etsy as an essential gifting partner. This includes the recent launch of Gift ModeTM, an interactive hub that combines AI and human curation to help shoppers find the perfect present.

Despite challenges such as a dynamic macroeconomic environment affecting consumer spending, Etsy marketplace GMS showed positive trends during the holiday season. Active buyers reached a record high of 92 million, with strong growth in international buyer numbers. Additionally, the marketplace successfully reactivated lapsed buyers and acquired new ones, demonstrating a resilient business model.

Overall, Etsy’s performance in the fourth quarter of 2023 points towards a promising future as the company continues to innovate and adapt to evolving market conditions.

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