Enhance Higher Education with AI and Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors

AI has become a vital tool in higher education, impacting research, teaching, and administrative tasks across various fields. While traditionally limited to high-end workstations or servers, the use of AI has now expanded to include PCs, providing new opportunities for students and faculty to leverage this technology.

Intel is one company at the forefront of integrating AI processing directly into chipsets with their Intel Core Ultra processors. These processors offer a unique combination of a central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), and neural processing unit (NPU) to accelerate AI workloads efficiently while reducing latency and power consumption.

By working closely with over 100 software vendors, Intel ensures that AI-based applications can run directly on PCs, making full use of the capabilities of Intel Core Ultra processors. Popular apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Google Photos, and Adobe Creative Cloud benefit from the enhanced performance and responsiveness delivered by these processors.

Moreover, Intel AI PCs support a wide range of research and development activities, including 3D modeling, robotics, software development, game development, advanced analytics, and more. Deep learning models can be optimized and deployed using the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit, offering improved performance for AI workloads like chatbots, computer vision, and speech recognition.

In addition to performance, Intel Core Ultra processors provide built-in security features to help keep sensitive data secure and devices operating smoothly. For educational institutions, the Intel vPro® platform enhances security and manageability with hardware-isolated data protection and advanced management capabilities.

Intel’s commitment to responsible AI in higher education is evident through their focus on ethical, equitable, and inclusive practices in AI development and deployment. As a trusted partner in higher education for years, Intel continues to support students, faculty, IT, and researchers with resources, tools, and frameworks to enhance AI development and learning experiences.

The integration of AI in education is transforming how students learn and educators teach, offering engaging applications in a secure computing environment. With Intel Core Ultra processors powering AI PCs, the future of education is brighter and more innovative than ever before.

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