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Emirates Park Zoo awarded Gold Standard Accreditation

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 26 September 2023 – Emirates Park Zoo become the first zoo in the Middle East to achieve the prestigious accreditation from the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA), marking a significant triumph in the pursuit of excellence and animal welfare. 

This milestone accolade positions Emirates Park Zoo as a global leader in the zoo industry, joining an elite group of zoological facilities worldwide that have earned the revered AZA accreditation, often regarded as the Gold Standard in zoo management. The rigorous AZA accreditation process, which takes place every five years, involves comprehensive evaluations across various facets of zoo operations, including animal care and welfare, veterinary programs, conservation initiatives, educational programs, and safety measures.

Dr. Walid Shaaban, Director & CEO of Emirates Park Zoo, expressed his pride in the zoo’s achievement, stating, “I am proud of our team and their dedication to delivering excellence at our zoo. Accreditation standards continuously evolve to ensure we are achieving the highest standard for our animals and their wellbeing. At Emirates Park Zoo, we are proud of the valuable zoo experience we provide for our guests from the breakfast with giraffes to the petting zoo we have enabled animal interactions for everyone, this helps us to achieve our mission to promote appreciation of the natural world, wildlife education, and conservation awareness and through this we can help future generations to work towards saving wild species and spaces from extinction.”

The AZA accreditation is a testament to Emirates Park Zoo’s unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of animal care and well-being. These standards prioritize animal welfare, veterinary programs, conservation efforts, education initiatives, and safety protocols. The inspection team meticulously examines the facility and compiles detailed reports, which are then rigorously evaluated by the Accreditation Commission. 

Dr. Walid Shaaban, Director & CEO, further added, “Congratulations to Emirates Park Zoo and Resort for meeting this gold standard in zoo management and care. This accreditation recognizes the dedication of all our team and partners in providing an incredible zoo experience for the UAE community.”

Emirates Park Zoo’s AZA accreditation underscores its commitment to upholding the highest ethical and operational standards in the zoo and aquarium industry. AZA accreditation is the Gold Standard for zoo management and only a selected few zoos and aquariums worldwide have earned this distinction. This achievement reflects the zoo’s dedication to wildlife conservation, education, and fostering an appreciation for the natural world.


About Emirates Park Zoo: Emirates Park Zoo is a leading zoological facility in Abu Dhabi (UAE) dedicated to the welfare and conservation of wildlife. Situated in a picturesque environment, Emirates Park Zoo provides very unique educational and entertaining experiences for visitors while actively participating in various conservation and educational initiatives.

About the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA): The Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of zoos and aquariums in the areas of conservation, education, science, and recreation. AZA represents more than 240 facilities across North America and overseas, collectively dedicating their efforts to the preservation of wildlife and the education of the public. AZA-accredited facilities adhere to the highest standards of animal care and welfare.

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