Effective Leadership Principles Embodied by a Trucking Company

The global business landscape has witnessed numerous innovations that propel companies to become corporate giants through pioneering technology, exemplary leadership, and disruptive business strategies. Entrepreneurs with such zeal not only illuminate the dynamic corporate spectrum but also embody effective technology leadership.

In the realm of logistics and supply chain management, technology leadership plays a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency, employee management, customer satisfaction, and business workflow synchronization. Recognizing this need for technological advancement, companies like Stevens Trucking Company in Oklahoma, USA, have emerged as industry leaders in oil shipping and dry freight logistics.

Stevens Trucking exemplifies various leadership principles, including inclusive leadership, innovation, people-centric development, and technology-driven growth. Led by dynamic leader Cole Stevens, Vice President of Sales, the company prioritizes employee and customer development over mere numerical achievements, adhering to its core values.

With operations spanning 48 states and providing round-the-clock service with 300 power units and 1500 trailers, Stevens Trucking has earned a reputation as the most trusted brand in the United States.

From Oil to Freight

When the company was first established in 1979, it only had one hotshot truck, and its goal was to offer operations services for the oil industry. When oil prices shot up to a barrel, the company made a smart decision to divert and started its dry-freight shipping facility. It had knowledge of the ins and outs of full truckload delivery and an awareness of how logistics operate, having experience in the oil delivery sector.

Equipped with this supply chain industry knowledge, the family-run business ventured into the dry freight delivery market without compromising its fundamental principles. Cole mentions his upbringing and the lessons he learned from Kenny Stevens, the founder of Stevens Trucking. “Grow for your need and not for your greed,” as my father used to say, has been the guiding philosophy of Stevens Trucking for the past 40 years.

The elder Stevens had always been the head of the Stevens Trucking family, inspiring them to live simply and think ethically. The company’s guiding principles—whether they be about weathering storms in unpredictable times or growing through people-centric leadership—have their roots in the adversity, insight, and fortitude imparted by Kenny Stevens.

These days, Stevens Trucking is renowned for its dry-freight and oilfield shipping successes, as well as its quick and dependable shipping solutions.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite forty years of significant success, Stevens Trucking faced challenges. When impacted by oil price hikes during the Gulf Crisis, the company nearly faltered. However, thanks to the resilience of Cole Stevens and his family, the family-owned shipping company weathered the storm.

Recognizing the market’s volatility, the organization diversified into multiple industries. This strategic move aimed to mitigate the impact of financial hardships in any one sector, ensuring the stability of the Stevens Trucking community and upholding its commitment to prioritizing employees’ and people’s first principles.

Fostering Growth

As the youngest member of his family, Cole assumes the responsibility of upholding the organization’s core values and embodies inclusive leadership principles. He emphasizes the importance of nurturing individuals and serving the community, believing that this approach is key to fostering business growth beyond mere statistical metrics.

Cole’s commitment to family extends to his broader community engagement, whether through customer interactions, fostering trust among company drivers, or dedicating time to his family. He prioritizes punctuality and teamwork, valuing both his employees’ time and the satisfaction of his customers. Cole emphasizes the significance of fostering teamwork within the workforce, enabling personal growth and development.

During his academic pursuits, Cole excelled as a baseball player, gaining insights into the benefits of collaborative effort. His education instilled discipline and contributed to shaping him into the leader he is today.

When asked about his whereabouts outside of work, Cole mentions spending time at his favorite coffee shop and later with his employees and family. He remains dedicated to building people within his company and family environment.

Cole takes pride in Stevens Trucking not merely as a profit-driven enterprise but as a community that prioritizes people’s skills and enhances employee efficiency through strategic use of technological advancements.

Balancing Technology and Humanity

With a steadfast commitment to inclusive leadership, the shipping company prioritizes driver safety through the implementation of BlyncSync Technology. Utilizing GPS systems in their trucks enhances communication efficiency among company operations, drivers, and customers, allowing for seamless tracking of shipments upon request.

Cole recognizes the importance of assessing workforce efficiency while ensuring customer satisfaction through technological advancements. Despite embracing technological progress, he emphasizes the preservation of the human element within the organization, maintaining close connections with employees across various aspects of their lives.

In the event of mishaps or driver emergencies, Stevens Trucking prioritizes the well-being of its drivers over business operations, reflecting a people-centric approach.

Looking ahead, Stevens discusses the future of automation, acknowledging its inevitability while emphasizing the irreplaceable value of human efforts. As the company prepares for future innovations, it aims to leverage automation technologies while leveraging its extensive business network to navigate industry developments.

A Beacon of Guidance for Emerging Entrepreneurs

“Build people, focus on your work along with your people. There is nothing more rewarding than the development of your community. Once you can get your people to grow, the mutual benefits know no limits,” – Cole Stevens.

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