Cybersecurity Threats Affecting Children Expected in 2024

Kaspersky Forecasts Key Cybersecurity Threats Affecting Children in 2024

As technology becomes more accessible to children at a younger age, the need for parents to educate themselves about cybersecurity threats targeting kids is more critical than ever. Experts at Kaspersky have identified key cybersecurity trends that parents should be aware of in order to protect their children online.

### AI Tools for Children
With the increasing use of AI tools by children, there is a concern about the lack of cybersecurity and age-appropriate content controls. According to UN research, 80 percent of young people interact with AI on a daily basis. Many AI applications have hidden features that can compromise children’s data privacy and expose them to inappropriate content.

### Malicious Attacks on Young Gamers
Statistics show that 91 percent of children aged 3-15 play online games, where they can be targeted by cybercriminals. Criminals may exploit young gamers’ trust to gather personal information or distribute malicious files disguised as game mods.

### FinTech Industry Risks for Kids
Banks are offering specialized products for children, including banking cards for kids as young as 12. However, this also exposes children to financial threats such as phishing scams and social engineering tactics used by cybercriminals.

### Smart Home Threats
The growing number of threats to smart home devices poses risks to children as potential targets for cybercriminals. In some cases, smart devices can be used to gather sensitive information from children, making them vulnerable to data breaches or even physical harm.

### Respect for Children’s Online Privacy
As children become more aware of their online privacy, parents must establish open communication and set clear boundaries to ensure their safety online. Respecting children’s personal space while discussing the importance of online safety is crucial in protecting them from cyber threats.

### Risks of Unavailable Apps
Children may seek alternative apps that are unavailable in their region, unknowingly downloading malicious copies that expose them to cyber threats. Parents need to educate children about app safety and provide guidance on secure online behaviors.

### Kaspersky’s Proactive Parenting Tips
To protect children from cybersecurity threats, parents should stay informed, communicate openly with their children about online risks, and enforce strict guidelines for online activities. Kaspersky experts have developed resources such as the Cybersecurity Alphabet to help parents educate their children about online safety.

By utilizing trusted security solutions and digital parenting apps like Kaspersky Safe Kids, parents can effectively protect their children from cyber threats in the digital age.

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