‘Collaboration to Boost Inclusivity and Empower Vulnerable Communities’

Plain Numbers and Visa have joined forces to enhance inclusivity and empower vulnerable communities in the UK through a strategic collaboration. The partnership aims to improve financial services for adults by utilizing Visa’s extensive network and the Plain Numbers Approach to promote financial inclusion and design in government disbursements.

By increasing knowledge of digital financial services and platforms, individuals can better manage their money, assets, and plan for their financial futures. Government disbursements play a unique and vital role in protecting constituents and delivering better outcomes for them.

Visa’s commitment to financial inclusion is further strengthened through this collaboration, with a focus on providing user-friendly solutions tailored to meet the needs of constituents. Together, Visa and Plain Numbers seek to reduce barriers and enhance access to essential resources from governments.

Mike Ellicock, Chief Executive at Plain Numbers expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting the opportunity to improve how numbers and data are presented to support vulnerable customers. Greg Sheppard, Global Head of Government Disbursements at Visa, emphasized the importance of delivering numerical information in a clear and impactful manner to extend the reach of financial inclusion efforts.

This collaboration with Visa adds to Plain Numbers’ existing partnerships with organizations like the Bank of England and HM Treasury, marking a significant step towards a more inclusive and equitable future. Through strategic partnerships, the Plain Numbers Approach has already enhanced communications reaching millions of customers.

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