CEO of Nvidia asserts that programming language should be easy for humans to understand and use

In a surprising departure from the usual narrative at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang challenged the notion that young people need to learn how to code. Huang argued that in the age of AI, programming is no longer an essential skill, and humans can focus on more valuable areas of expertise such as biology, education, manufacturing, and farming.

For the past decade or so, tech leaders have emphasized the importance of learning computer science and coding. However, Huang believes that the development of AI technology has made programming obsolete. He suggested that humans should not have to program, and that the language of programming should be human itself.

According to Huang, everyone in the world is now a programmer thanks to AI, eliminating the need for individuals to spend time learning how to code. Instead, people can redirect their efforts towards becoming specialists in fields that can bring about more meaningful impact. This shift would allow individuals to focus on skills that are more aligned with their existing expertise and interests, without the need to learn a new programming language.

By embracing this perspective, Huang envisions a future where individuals can thrive in their respective fields without the barrier of having to learn computer programming. This approach would enable people to leverage their natural language skills and focus on areas where they can make a real difference.

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