Celebrating the Cultural Heritage of the UAE as Portrayed by Designer Sharifa Alhashemi

Celebrating the cultural heritage of the UAE, Emirati designer Sharifa AlSharif AlHashemi introduces the Onori Pearl Bag, a stunning tribute to the nation’s history tied to pearl fishing. The Pearl Bag, designed by Sharifa, Founder of ONORI, is a nod to the significance of pearls in the UAE – symbolizing tradition, beauty, and luxury. Perfect for Eid celebrations, these bags offer a modern twist on a cherished heritage.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the ONORI Pearl Bags make for an ideal Eid gift. Available in four captivating colors – Black, Blue, Pink, and White – each bag is adorned with carefully selected pearl detailing, representing purity, sophistication, and prosperity deeply ingrained in Emirati culture.

One striking feature of these bags is the detailed beading that elegantly dangles from the bottom, adding a dynamic element to the design. The bags come in a sleek, long square shape with a magnet fastening for easy use, maintaining a seamless and polished look. This thoughtful design not only makes the bags fashionable but practical as well.

Whether it’s a gift for a family member, friend, or oneself, these Pearl Bags are sure to be treasured and admired for years to come. Celebrate UAE’s rich heritage with these exquisite accessories that are not just functional but also conversation starters.

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