‘Building Global Success from the Ground Up: A Marketing Perspective by Vibha Thusu’

Vibha Thusu, the Global Marketing and Communications Leader at Himel International, is a visionary professional with 19 years of experience in managing seamless brand and customer experiences across 65 countries worldwide. Apart from her corporate responsibilities, Vibha is also an avid traveler with a passion for animals and adventurous pursuits, reflecting her resilience in facing challenges.

In her role, Vibha oversees a diverse team responsible for Himel’s electrical product brands and ensures their shine across various markets. She formulates and executes strategies for online success, focusing on eCommerce and marketplaces to sustain the brand’s global presence and impact.

With her extensive experience in industries such as information technology, education, FMCG, engineering, energy management, and industrial automation, Vibha bridges connections among brands, businesses, and individuals. She approaches challenges with a creative mindset, aligning creativity with business goals to craft impactful marketing and communication strategies.

Himel International, under Vibha’s leadership, has earned accolades as an award-winning global manufacturer and supplier of electric products, excelling in Power Distribution, Motor Control, Industrial Components, and Home Electric products. The brand’s dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction has been recognized through various awards and achievements.

Vibha’s focus on shared purpose and shared success is evident in Himel’s campaigns built on tangible proof points and storytelling to establish connections based on a common goal of providing safe access to electricity and affordable products. Through global and regional initiatives, Himel strengthens its market presence, engages with the audience personally, and focuses on customer delight in the digital marketing landscape.

Innovation with purpose is a key aspect of Vibha’s approach, relying on market research, customer feedback, and data analytics to craft exceptional brand experiences. By mastering market dynamics and cultivating a continuous learning mindset, Vibha ensures her team remains agile and adaptable to evolving trends and technologies.

Building trust with customers and partners, forging synergies through partnerships, and positioning Himel as an industry leader are among Vibha’s strategic imperatives. By educating, engaging, and leading, Vibha aims to drive Himel towards becoming a billion-reach brand through diverse digital marketing initiatives

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