‘Black Community Requires Inspirational Leaders’

Jason Hayward, Bermuda’s Minister of Economy and Labour, highlighted the Government’s accomplishments in a speech delivered in Dubai. Speaking at the Global Black Impact Summit in Dubai, hosted by the Black Impact Foundation and organised by Energy Capital and Power, Hayward emphasized the need for inspirational leaders to guide the Black community during challenging times.

During his address to delegates, Hayward stressed the importance of collective progress for true liberation and empowerment, stating that uplifting the entire community is essential. He also noted that the Government had taken proactive measures to address systemic challenges, leading to a significant reduction in youth unemployment and improvements in social and labour protections, minimum wage laws, housing, and healthcare investments.

Reflecting on his leadership journey, Hayward shared key lessons learned, such as the significance of clear visions, leading from the front, building motivated teams, trusting team members, continuous development, and upholding principles. He urged for inclusive growth and prosperity for all citizens, particularly within the Black community, emphasizing justice and equality.

The event was described as transformational by the Black Impact Foundation, with an expanded lineup of speakers, networking opportunities, and cutting-edge topics to address the evolving needs and challenges of the global Black community. Hayward’s keynote address at the summit was highly anticipated for his unique perspective and insights into labour relations, economic development, and community advocacy.

In response to a request for his speech, the Government’s Department of Communications confirmed Hayward’s participation in the summit and his engagements with various agencies and officials in Dubai to promote Bermuda’s updated Family Office Framework. Hayward’s trip marked the fourth Cabinet member visit to the Middle East for government business in recent months, following the attendance of other officials at conferences and summits in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Overall, Hayward’s address in Dubai underscored the Government’s commitment to fostering growth, empowerment, and unity within the Black community, reflecting on the importance of collective progress and inclusive development for all citizens.

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